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As if two mandatory state shutdowns here in Minnesota this year wasn't bad enough, craft brewers across the state are now facing yet another hurdle in 2020.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and outbreak hasn't been kind to many businesses here in Minnesota. And the thriving craft beer industry here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has been especially hard hit. While many of these local breweries barely weathered the 51-day shutdown during the Stay At Home order in the spring, they're now just starting another four-week Dial Back pause that's forced them into opening for take-out sales only.

But now 2020 has thrown them yet ANOTHER hurdle: an aluminum shortage has made it tougher-- and more expensive-- to get the cans they need to market their various brews. Thanks to all that drinking we've been doing at home this year (as opposed to drinking beer on-tap at your favorite restaurant or bar), there's been a big increase for aluminum cans-- and various suppliers are having a tough time keeping up. This CBS-Minnesota story sums it up like this:

Experts say the industry was already stressed. There are new products using cans, and companies making the move from plastic to cans. And then COVID-19 hit, and people started buying more canned drinks at the store.

All of which means craft brewers across Minnesota have to make changes AGAIN, like selling more of their products in bottles or refillable growlers and hoping that aluminum can suppliers can meet the increased demand as we head into 2021.  But, as this Fox-21 story says, that might be easier said than done. I'm hoping it all works out. I'm a big fan of ALL of Minnesota's many incredible craft breweries and I love trying their many great new brews. Maybe I need to get a few more glass bottle growlers instead of cans!

As we all know, 2020 has been a devastating year for businesses across Minnesota and here in Rochester. Sadly, many of them have not been able to withstand the financial challenges the ongoing pandemic has thrown at them and had to fold. Keep scrolling to check out some of the businesses that have already closed in 2020.

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