Now here's one of those stories you'll only hear here in Minnesota: First responders recently rescued a moose from a frozen lake.


Wait, what?!? Now, I'm an animal nut, so of course, I was happy to read about the happy ending for a young, female moose that was broke through the ice on a northern Minnesota lake. And, Minnesota's moose population can use the help these days.

According to this KARE-11 story, it happened north of Grand Marais, along Minnesota's North Shore. Actually, it happened even farther north of there-- about 20 minutes up the Gunflint Trail. (Have you ever been up that way? We stayed at Gunflint Resort a few years ago, and absolutely loved it!)

Anyway, a few local residents noticed a young moose had broken through the ice on Hungry Jack Lake (I LOVE that name) and was in trouble. They called the DNR, who responded along with a few members of their local fire department.

The story said it took two canoes, a tow strap, and about an hour, but the guys finally were able to get the young moose to thicker ice. She caught her breath for awhile, the story said, before walking to the shore and running off.

But, as the pictures show here, not before stopping to thank her rescuers (at least that what it looks like, anyway!). The story says the DNR thinks she might have been chased onto the lake by a local wolf pack.

Way to go, guys. Thanks for not just letting the young moose struggle and succumb to the icy waters of Hungry Jack Lake. And who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?!?

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