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In the picture up there, it may look like Kenta Maeda (#18 of the Minnesota Twins) is celebrating. But maybe, just maybe, Maeda is expressing utter disappointment upon hearing that a Sharp Eyed Citizen called in a report of vandalism at the stadium.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

"MINNEAPOLIS: Officers were dispatched for a report of damage to property to a "Snoopy statue" outside Target Field." (SOURCE)

That's right from MN CRIME WATCHERS. I think we were all disappointed when we heard about the Snoopy Vandalism, and thankful for the Sharp Eyed Citizen that called it in. Their laser like focus finding and reporting damage to a Minnesota Icon!

Only it wasn't a Snoopy statue at Target Field.

It was the Bullseye statue (that's the Target dog's name). 

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Los Angeles - Red Carpet
Jonathan Leibson

And the vandalism was a mozzarella stick stuck in Bullseye's mouth.

Fried Mozzarella Sticks
What the mozzarella sticks MAY have looked like pre: vandalism. Sarah Bossert

OK, maybe not laser focus...but I'll get it wasn't the mozzarella stick that caught their eye (after all, who would deny a statue a snack?) I'll bet it was the bullseye painted on Bullseye the person thought was vandalism.

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