Excuse me, WHAT am I seeing right now?  My eyes are old and I have no idea where I left my readers, but I'm pretty sure I'm seeing gas under $3 at a gas station in Minnesota.

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Minnesota Gas Station Just Dropped The Price of Gasoline to $2.99!

The last two weeks, I've put a few thousand miles on my car thanks to a few road trips and so I am keenly aware of how much gasoline is right now.  I've filled my tank up in 7 different states including in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa and the lowest I saw over the last two weeks was $3.18 in Nashville, Tennessee.  I actually asked the cashier if the price was right because I didn't believe it was true...and then I got a very weird look like I was from another planet.  Now I'm wondering in my Minnesota "O" was a bit too strong in that conversation.

I know that Rochester's price of gas was not under $3.00 today, because I just filled up the tank at Kwik Trip on South Broadway.  But maybe, just maybe, it will come down now that the Vermillion Pump & Market dropped theirs to $2.99.  

I'm guessing that quite a few people will be driving a few extra miles just to fill up at Vermillion Pump & Market.  And to help you out, if you need directions, you can find them for Vermillion Pump & Market here.

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What's the lowest price you remember seeing at the gas station?

Way back in my college days, I remember filling up my car for 99 cents a gallon.  And that was the last time I remember it ever being that low.  What about you?  Let me know what price you remember seeing over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  And if you need a hint at what the prices were, look below to find the year you started driving and see how much gas cost then.

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Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

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