The internet is totally laughing at what a guy just had to do because came in last in his fantasy football league-- and it happened right here in Minnesota.


As it turns out, Adam McPherson is 23-years old and recently graduated from St. John's University here in Minnesota (a little west of St. Cloud, about 2 and a half hours northwest of Rochester.) He came in dead last in his fantasy football league, so he recently paid off his bet.

Know what it was he had to do? Take the ACT!

Yeah-- that big, 'ol standardized test you had to take back in high so you could get into college? That's what he had to take.  Geez, I've had nightmares like that! (Ever had the bad dream where you're back in high school and have to take a test on some subject you have NO idea about?!?)


He told Buzzfeed he signed up at a local high school, and showed up to take the ACT earlier this month. Now THAT'S punishment. Those things take about 4 hours to complete, if I recall correctly (I took it a LONG time ago!)  He said he got a few looks from the other high schoolers who were taking the test for real. (Keep in mind, he was about 7 or 8 years older than everyone else taking the test.)

So how'd he do? Adam said he thought he'd gotten around a 19 (the test is scored out of 36). But, no matter how he did, I say he's a pretty good sport for going through with it. I know I wouldn't want to-- the math section alone would do me in!