You can get many different services when you head to the salon, many of them relaxing, but a recent customer of one Minnesota salon got WAAAAAY more than she asked for recently!

It all started back in February at Juut Salon, in the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. And this KARE-11 story says it ended with the stylist in question getting fired-- and facing fifth degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

According to the story, the woman said that while at an appointment back in February, the stylist asked her to change into a robe. (I guess I've been going to the wrong haircut places, because I've never changed into a robe while getting my hair cut.)

It was then that, after massaging her head and neck, he apparently moved on to touch her chest inappropriately (Which is a bit redundant, because is there any way for a stylist to touch your chest 'appropriately'?!?). The story says he then repeated the same behavior again while cutting her hair, while he was attempting to remove a piece of hair that had fallen onto her.

Well, yeah, as you might guess, you can't do that here in Minnesota. The woman contacted police, who contacted the salon and the stylist is now under arrest, in addition to now being without a job. He admitted he "definitely overstepped," the story said. And the salon, the story went on to say, said his conduct was " abhorrent and completely unacceptable." I guess so!

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