I always joke with my friends I live to eat, not eat to live! You think I'm joking... I'm not! Even in my office everyone's mind is always on food. Food is very important and this recent survey says the same thing. According to Far & Wide Minnesota comes in 19th out of the 50 states for the best food options.

Far & Wide says:

Swedes have been migrating to these parts for generations, but they’re not really known for their food — eating is more a necessity than a pleasure. Still, Minnesota broke free of its cured whitefish blues long ago and has crafted an interesting food scene.

I find it really funny that hot dishes weren't the reason for this high ranking. If you were wondering our state grain is the reason for the land of 10,000 lakes getting top marks. Wild rice aka the state grain is what outsiders hoot and holler about. Folks love that we use wild rice in soup, bread, and even desserts. They also said that we produce a lot of turkeys. To be exact 44 million turkeys a year! That's a lot of turkeys... or turkey and wild rice soup as this survey put it! The author describes Minnesota's food scene as interesting. I would have to agree with that from an outsider's perspective. There are some interesting food options in the land of 10,000 lakes. Although, according to Far & Wide, you should "avoid the “pickle dog” at all costs."

Guess who came in 18th? Our boarding state Winsconson. They found themselves one spot ahead of because they are the dairy state. They have cheese and butter... which lead to the butter burger and the rest was history. Butter and cheese are staples in a lot of our diets, which is probably why they jumped ahead of us.

So who came in 50th? I'll give you one guess! Alaska found itself in the last spot. They do have limited access to food purely because of its climate most of the year and they have to import a lot of food. Top marks go to California for the avocado toast trend we have seen in the past few years. It looks like we might need to go on a food adventure to make sure that these statements are true. ;)

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