Been thinking, "I could use some axe throwing therapy?" I hope not, but if you have, I have great news for you. There is an axe throwing bar that just opened in Minneapolis. While they won't be serving alcohol (YET), they do allow you to bring in your own. That's where I get nervous. I mean, I barely trust myself with sharp objects, let alone a bunch of drunk people around me.

So what is an axe throwing bar? "Think of this like a dart league on steroids. Patrons can hang out at several lanes, each set up with two targets, get a primer on proper throwing techniques and then hurl death devices with all the pent up rage of a cubicle-kept work week gone awry." -

This is so popular in Canada that they have axe throwing leagues. The Minneapolis location will be the Bad Axe Throwing Company's 17th location. It'll be officially open March 10th at 2505 Kennedy St. NE, Suite A.

According to the Bad Axe Throwing Company's Facebook, rates are about $20 per person per hour.

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