You'd think that at least one or two other states would be doing the same thing, but, nope-- Minnesota's the only place in the country doing this.

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And the 'this' I'm talking about that Minnesota is doing, is having a divided state legislature. The midterm election a week ago here in Minnesota saw the DFLers retake the majority in the Minnesota House, which had previously been held by Republicans. Republicans, though, still hold a majority in the Minnesota Senate.

Add them up and, voila, you have yourself a good 'ol divided state legislature-- just like the current make-up of the U.S. Senate and House. Throw in the fact that Tim Walz, a DFLer, won the race for Governor, which keeps it in the hands of the Democrat party, and our state government gets divided even more.

So, yeah, Minnesota is the only state in the country where this phenomenon is occurring. And apparently, that kind of thing doesn't happen much these days, because this MinnPost story noted that having only one state with a divided state legislature was the first time that had happened in over 100 years.

Does that mean our state lawmakers will have a better chance of working together when the next session convenes early next year at the capitol in St. Paul? Or does it mean there's a better chance of even more grandstanding and gridlock? Here's hoping it's the latter and not the former... for once. Maybe Minnesota could also be known for THAT.

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