A Minnesota native has lived around the world but is now starting to get a sizable following on TikTok for his one-minute tours around his home state of Minnesota. Before his adventures on TikTok, though, he starts his own tour company in Australia! No wonder he's good at doing these one-minute tours.

His name is John and according to his company's website his dream to start a tour company began when he packed up and moved from Minnesota to Ireland when he was "in search of a year off." He says he didn't know anyone when he first moved there but was warmly welcomed by his flat-mate's friends. Because of his experience in Ireland he wanted to create a similar welcoming feeling in a tour company, the kind of experience, as John says, "I seek when traveling."

Eventually, he met and married an Australian, moved to Australia, and that's where his company Depot Adventures began. His company does tours in Australia and the Twin Cities area.

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Now he's back in Minnesota and has started giving tours in a new way via TikTok. His account is called One Minute Tours and that's literally what he does, is give one-minute tours of places around Minnesota. Some of his latest tours are in Faribault, Duluth, and the Stone Arch Bridge. He was also recently featured on KSTP up in the Cities.

What do you think he'd say about Rochester in a one-minute tour? Maybe he'd talk about some of the things that make Rochester a quirky place to live. Keep scrolling to check out what I think makes Rochester quirky and see if you agree.

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