If you're looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift, here's good news: buying wine here in Minnesota will cost you less than most states!

Yes, from the News You Can Really Use department, comes word that Minnesota is one of the cheapest states in which to buy wine! The gang HouseMethod.com confirms that you'll have to shell out fewer shekels to buy that bottle of vino here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

They got this bit of good news by doing some in-depth research. "Our team collected data to determine the cost of an average bottle of wine in each state. We selected a red, white, and rosé wine from VinePair’s list of top Supermarket Wines. We then found the prices for up to 10 zip codes in each state and averaged them together to determine which states are the cheapest and most expensive to purchase wine," the survey noted.

So where did Minnesota rank? Pretty good, really. In fact, HouseMethod said the average bottle of wine here in Minnesota costs $12.32 - making it one of the cheapest states in the country, especially when compared to the national average of $13.36 per bottle.

That's cheaper than in my home state of Wisconsin, where the average bottle of wine will cost you $13.32 per bottle and is also a better deal than you'll get down in Iowa, where a bottle of wine costs $12.99 per bottle.

You can read the entire HouseMethod.com Cost Of Wine In Each State survey HERE. Cheers!

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