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Minnesota parents Meagan and Connor Peoples had two children and were expecting, what they thought to be, their third child. Little did they know, Meagan was actually pregnant with twins. Boy, was that a surprise!

Connor told WCCO that Meagan "'always has really large babies"' so when she measured large for this pregnancy they did not think twice about it. They just thought another large baby was on the way.

The reason the couple did not know they were having twins was because Meagan never went in for an ultrasound. Due to COVID-19, you aren't allowed to bring anyone with you to ultrasound appointments. Meagan told WCCO that she did not want to go to an ultrasound appointment without Connor. “'It’s his baby, too,”' she said.

She had done ultrasounds for her previous two children and they said everything seemed to be going fine so they forewent the ultrasounds this time around.

Meagan opted for a home birth with two midwives. After their son was born, August, one of the midwives said ‘'Oh lord, there’s another'". Imagine that surprise! A few minutes later their daughter, Aria, was born.

Imagine not knowing you're having twins and you only buy one of everything. That must have been a major scramble trying to get everything they needed for their second baby!

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