Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is not every day that we get an excuse to eat as much comfort food that we can in one day without being judged. Coming from Colorado, I have always wondered where my Thanksgiving turkeys came from and I just got the answer.

According to Vox Minnesota is one of the six states that produces all the turkeys for the country. Minnesota is the leading producer out of all the states. According to Minnesota Tukey, the land of 10,000 lakes produces between 44 and 46 million turkeys a year.

The site says that many of these farmers are fifth-generation farmers that have invested the whole life into providing our food. There are around 450 families in Minnesota that produce all of our birds. Like any farmer, these hardworking folks eat, breath, sleep turkey farming. Many of them do not get sick days or vacation because their aminals are their livelihood.

The state that comes behind us is North Carolina with 33 million turkeys a year. That is still a lot of turkeys. Other turkeys producing states are Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia. The site says they make up around another 15 million turkeys. That is a lot of meat that is readily available for us during the holiday seasons.

So chances are if you or your family go to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving in just about any state, the probability is super hight that that bird was produced in Minnesota. Isn't that so cool to think that our state feeds so many people on the same day?

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