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We've always been known for our high quality of life here in Minnesota which might explain why we rank higher than 47 other states in places where people want to move.

That's the word, anyway, from a new survey commissioned by the number-crunchers over at the site MyBaggage.com. (They're a door-to-door delivery service used by people moving abroad, students, sports teams, and others.)

Their recent survey has determined the best and worst states to move to in America, analyzed using the following data from all 50 states. And Minnesota scored pretty well in each category!

Specifically, they looked at categories including:

Cost of living 💰 - The average monthly costs of day-to-day living

Property Prices 🏠 - The average property price in the state

Net migration 👥 - How many people move to the state per year minus the people moving out

Happiness 😄 - How happy the people living there are

Annual Income 💵 - How much the people living there earn on average

Unemployment figures 📊 - How many are unemployed

Hours of sunshine ☀️ - How much sunshine the state gets a day

Job prospects  💻 - The live vacancies in the state

And overall, the Land of 10,000 Lakes came in ranked third in the country! That's right, only Kansas (ranked #2) and Kansas (which came in first) had higher scores on this relocation index than we do here in Minnesota.

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The survey summed it up like this:

The Midwestern state of Minnesota ranks as the third best state to move to with an index score of 92 out of 100. With over 5.7 million inhabitants, the state achieved the third-highest happiness ranking at 67.26A haven for lovers of the outdoors, Minnesota's 76 state parks and five national parks have given the state to nickname the “​Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

Maybe that explains why our real estate market is so hot right now here in the North Star State. Or perhaps it's the many great local craft breweries and wineries that have popped up in our state recently.

Either way, maybe now the rest of the country is starting to find out what we've known for a while now: That Minnesota is a great place to live! And speaking of Minnesota, we're also known for our great schools, so keep scrolling to check out the BEST public high schools here in the Bold North!

Image courtesy of MyBaggage.com
Image courtesy of MyBaggage.com

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