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If you're ice fishing in Beltrami County, Minnesota, please, in the name of all that's holy, stop butt dialing 911!

That was the request from the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office on Saturday.

According to Bring Me the News,

Some smartphones have an emergency SOS feature that if you press a button enough times, it'll automatically call 911. For iPhones, it'll call 911 if you rapidly press the side button five times.

While iPhones and Androids do allow you to turn that feature off, and many people in comments of stories are recommending turning the feature off, it might be wiser NOT to disable it.

If you end up needing 911, your fingers may be too cold to work on a touch screen to dial 911 (or you may be in some other situation where you can't see the screen). That's when you'll need those exterior buttons to make the 911 call.

Apple watches do the same thing apparently...

Screen capture, click for link.
Screen capture, click for link.

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