Growing up, I was a 4-H'er so I spent many summer days at our county fair and our state fair with my family. We didn't show animals, but my brothers and I did shooting sports. This meant that we had to volunteer all week long in the project barn when we didn't have a shooting event. Most of our events happened in our cattle barn and I couldn't imagine not having one!

According to KARE 11 the cattle barn on the state fairgrounds suffered some damage earlier this year. The building was around 100-years old and the materials it was built out of couldn't withstand the weather that we were having. The article continued to say that construction crews are working hard to not only fix the roof but rebuild the structure with materials that can withstand the extreme weather we get.

The Minnesota State Fair is at the end of August and the CEO of the State Fair said that everything is on schedule for the barn to be fully functioning for the event. According to the article, the board is also working on other plans in case the barn doesn't get finished in time. Like almost every other fair across the country, the cattle barn is very vital to the success of the fair. So not having it would throw a wrench in everyone's plans.

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