If you have pets, you probably have a ton of pictures of them on your phone, right? Wouldn't it be cool if you could get a painting of them... done by you... that looks just like them?

Well, there's a new studio right here in Minnesota that will let you do just that. And, no, you don't have to possess any particular artistic ability for it to work, either. (Which is good for me, because I have absolutely ZERO skills when it comes to drawing or painting.)

It's all part of a class offered at MP Design in Minneapolis. (You can take a public class or you can arrange for a private party, if you have enough people.) You simply sign up and buy your tickets, and submit several photos of your pet. The design team at MP then edits your photos into composite 2D shapes. You then transfer those shapes at to the canvas at the start of class, where you then paint your pet by numbers.

The result is that you leave class with a finished masterpiece of your special friend.(And they really DO look good. Check out some of their pictures HERE.) How cool is that?!? I can't wait to try it-- and I usually don't even like to do arts and crafts projects!

You can get more information about Paint Your Pet Classes at MP Designs HERE.

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