We have all seen something and thought well... that is not right. I was scrolling across social media and came across this post that rose a lot of questions. I'm no expert, but... I know corn is not supposed to be spilled perfectly between railroad tracks.

According to KSTP, this picture was taken near Crystal, Minnesota. KSTP says that they even sent out some of their team to confirm that this picture was real. When they arrived... they saw it with their own eyes. If you are trying to picture where these railroad tracks are, they said a good landmark is Soo Line Park.

My thoughts on what happened... the train traveling on those tracks must have had a leak. But, still there would have been corn outside the tracks as well. Hummm! Maybe a prank? I guess only time will tell.

There really isn't much of an explanation of why the corn is perfectly between the tracks. Mike that took the picture and posted it on social media joked about the wildlife finding the corn. I'm sure that in the near future we will find every squirrel, deer, and bird in the state hanging out there.

KSTP said they reached out to Union Pacific. A representative said that if it was a spill, it would be rare for the corn just in the tracks. Essentially it would be all over. Also, they didn't have a spill on record. This picture may leave many of us scratching our heads for years to come or someone will solve the mystery.

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