Behind every successful team is an amazing equipment manager. Because we all know the look good feel good principle applies to athletics of all levels. ;) The equipment manager of any team puts in just as much time as the rest of the team. I was scrolling through Twitter and came across this Tweet.

This is so awesome to see. Tony DaCosta has been an important part of the Wild since 1999. According to the Wilds Website, DaCosta celebrated is 1,000th game back in 2005. Tuesday's milestone doubles that.

Being an equipment manager for a hockey team is not easy. Not only do you have to make sure all the bloodstains are out of the jerseys, but they also have to make sure the team has spare sticks, pucks, and sharp enough blades on their skates to be successful. They are also responsible for making sure the locker rooms are ready for games and the player's needs are met.

I did some research on DaCasta and found out that he worked multiple All-Star games as well as worked in Canada. He keeps all the players looking good and happy for every game. The Wild is so lucky to have him!

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