A Minnesotan thought they caught something illegal happening in their driveway via their security camera. Turns out, what was actually happening wasn't illegal at all and probably ended up being one of the funniest calls the DNR has gotten in a while.

This Minnesotan lives along the Gunflint Trail, according to Bring Me the News, I believe around the Tofte area. They happened to be watching their security camera when they thought they saw two hunters dragging a dead moose across their driveway.

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They called the Minnesota DNR to report the incident since hunting moose is illegal. It used to be legal to hunt moose but it hasn't been legal since 2013 because of the dwindling population. You can see more about hunting moose being illegal on the Duluth News Tribune website.

DNR Conservation Officer Kylan Hill is the one who responded to the call. While at first, this seemed to be a serious call, it ended up probably being the funniest part of his week. That's because when he got to the person's home who called, he discovered that the person wasn't home, they were watching their security camera from another state.

Officer Hill also discovered a few other things when he arrived on the scene: The people on the camera were no hunters, they were actually the person's neighbors. Also, the dead moose wasn't actually a moose it was... a large tent that the neighbors were dragging. I'm not sure how the person who called in mistook a tent for a moose, but I'm glad that it ended up not being a dead moose!

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