Are you guilty of spending too much on things that you could totally save on?  I mean like either skipping that $5 coffee drink or shopping at a thrift store, like a dollar store instead?  I know that some things need to be purchased from a place other than a dollar type store, but not everything.

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There is a person who has this pretty amazing blog.  She has a Money Gal Coaching website and Facebook page. She has some pretty amazing ideas.  She has talked about how she paid off $50 thousand of debt in like 18 months.  That seems a bit unreal, but some of it is just making different choices with things that you are already buying and probably spending too much on.

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Coffee would be one of those things.  Just make it at home.  It's cheaper, and obviously you get more for your hard earned buck.

She also says that there are so many things that you can get at the dollar store. There's one or more in almost every town in Minnesota.  I think  in the St. Cloud area there are at least 5 that I can think of just right off the top of my head.  So, super convenient.

She lists things like greeting cards, because it totally the thought on those things.  Who cares if they cost a dollar or like $5 or more?  Cleaning supplies.  If they do the job but aren't the name brand one, does it matter?  You just want it to be clean, right?  What about holiday decorations?  Keeping those things from year to year just takes up space.  So, if you didn't spend very much on it, you probably wouldn't feel bad just throwing them out.  And it's a space saver.  Of course you would have a few sentimental items that you would keep, but over all, totally save money on those things.  Travel size items.  Really cheapo instead of spending more at a big box store.


There are so many items that you may consider shopping for at a dollar store instead of a big box store.  Save some cash!


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