Minneapolis restaurant Sawatdee Thai Restaurant is talking about their new robot server when they say "she's the first in Minnesota". Sawatdee has a Minneapolis location and a Maple Grove location and both have one of these new robot servers that are apparently the first robot servers in the state.

The robot server's name is DeeDee. In a Facebook post from Sawatdee, they said they decided to name the robots DeeDee because that's the last part of the restaurant's name but also because DeeDee means very good in Thai.

Of course, people are having mixed reactions to these robot servers. Some think this is the next natural step with how technology is advancing, others think that the restaurant is trying to cut corners by not paying humans to do the job. I personally think these robots are perfectly fine because, as the restaurant says, the robots are there to help the servers, not to replace anyone.

One person who seems upset by these robots commented on the Sawatdee Maple Grove Facebook post about the robots expressing their disappointment. In response to the comment, Sawatdee wrote,

This robot is a support robot that helps servers get their job done. It does not replace anyone. It simply makes their job a little easier while providing customers with a better experience.

This is exactly why I don't have an issue with these robots. What are your thoughts on this change in the service industry? You can send us a message on our free app!

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