When it comes to natural beauty, there are no shortage of places here in Minnesota. But a new national survey has come up what they say is the most beautiful spot in our state -- and it's only a few hours away.

Minnesota's North Shore, just south of Split Rock Light House
Minnesota's North Shore, just south of Split Rock Light House. (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

So what is the most beautiful spot here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Well, according to this MSN story, that'd be Split Rock Light House, in Two Harbors along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

And, I have to say, I don't disagree. It IS really scenic. (Sometimes those national surveys don't seem to capture what us locals would say is best, but in this case, they're spot on.)

It's a been a few years since I've been to Split Rock Light House State Park, but those rocky cliffs towering over Lake Superior are pretty beautiful. And the story of the light house, and how it kept ships safe from crashing into those rocky cliffs back in the day, is equally interesting.

And, Two Harbors isn't all that far from our neck of the woods, either. Google Maps says it's just shy of 4 and half hours from Rochester -- and that includes all those construction zones along Highway 52 and I-35 north of St. Paul.

Have you been there? My wife and I have been meaning to head back up that way to get some hiking and biking in, hopefully later this fall. And, as it turns out, we'll be doing it in the most beautiful spot in the state!

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