Sure, the calendar says we're past Memorial Day, which, of course is the 'unofficial' start to summer in Minnesota. But if it's seemed cooler than usual to you so far this spring, you're right.

It's been said many times already, but the spring of 2020 really has been turned upside down by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, hasn't it? I mean, since the middle of March, we've been staying home, not going into work and not doing much of anything.

It's been a little tough to even figure out what DAY it is sometimes, let alone what part of spring we're in. Ground Hog's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, all those springs holidays and things we usually get out and celebrate still happened this year-- but not with our usual fanfare.

But it's not just in our heads, though. The warm weather, which has finally arrived here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes Monday and Tuesday was a little over two weeks late getting here. (And, boy, it got here, alright-- have you noticed how sticky it's felt in Rochester the past two days? Our high dew points, something that happens in the  summer, has been the cuprit.)

But, in another milestone, Minnesota FINALLY broke the 80 degrees mark Tuesday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport too. And, as Twin Cities meteorologist Sven Sundgaard noted on his Twitter page, that was the first time the mercury headed north of 80 degrees in 239 days.

Yeah, that's a lot. The last time the temperature was in the '80s in Minnesota was waaay back on September 30th, Sven noted. That seems like a LIFETIME ago, doesn't it? (It was WAAAY before we'd even HEARD of something called 'COVID-19'!) And, it's about two and a half weeks later than we usually have our first 80-degree day. Just another weird quirk of the Spring of 2020.

It looks like we'll have one more day of warm weather-- though maybe not quite 80 degrees-- today in Quick Country before cooler, less humid air moves in for the weekend.

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