I know we have not had much snow yet, but rumor has it we are going to be seeing a lot more snow this winter. With this being my first winter in Minnesota, I wanted to find outdoor activities that remind me of the ones I use to do back in Colorado. My brothers and I would jump on every opportunity we had to go tubing. Minnesota has a lot of options for winter sports. Here are some ways to enjoy the outdoors this winter.

Cross Country Skiing: 

  • Eastwood Golf Course
  • EssexPark
  • Quarry Hill Nature Center
  • Elm Creek
  • Hyland Lake Park Reserve
  • Theodore Wirth Park
  • Battle Creek Regional Park

Ice Skating: 

  • Soldiers Field Park
  • Allendale Park
  • Manor Park
  • Lincolnshire Park
  • Viking Park
  • Northern Height Park
  • Withers Sports Complex
  • Lake of Isles
  • Rinks in Greater Ramsey County
  • Parade Ice Garden

Sledding and Tubing: 

  • Schmidt Park
  • Judd Park
  • Iron Wood Spring Christian Ranch
  • Elm Creek
  • Theodore Wirth Regional Park
  • Brookside Park

Skiing and Snowboarding: 

  • Buck Hill
  • Hyland Hill
  • Lustsen mountains
  • Giants Ridge
  • Afton Alps
  • Welch Village
  • Spirt Mountain

These are just a few places to check out this winter if you plan to partake in winter activities. If you are looking to rent equipment, you can at Quarry Hill Nature Park, Huland Hills as well as Elm Creek. Let's get out and enjoy the winter together!

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