Coming to Chicago soon is a place that you and your nerdy friends will definitely want to check out. Don't worry I'm included in this nerdy group too. Opening soon is an immersive Harry Potter experience and I definitely want to go!

I'm pretty sure most of you are very aware that I'm a big Harry Potter nerd. I'd love to get a tattoo of Hogwarts, part of my honeymoon was spent at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and we still have our wands that we bought there (they're on a bookshelf with all of the Harry Potter books, obviously).

Carly Ross, TSM
Carly Ross, TSM

The Harry Potter experience is called Harry Potter: Magic at Play and it'll be in Chicago starting at the beginning of November and be there until the middle of May. Since Rochester is within driving distance from Chicago, I say this would be an awesome excuse to take a long weekend away.

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It's happening at Water Tower Place in Chicago. The Harry Potter experience will be 3 floors of the building. On the website, it says that it's "packed with playful celebrations of your favorite places and moments." You can drink Butterbeer, Thrillist says that you'll be able to learn all about your Hogwarts house, check out a Potions, Divination, and Charms class, and even explore the Forbidden Forest.

If you understand everything I just said, then you're probably equally as excited about this as I am! Tickets are already on sale. Adults are $42.50, kids are $35, the Premium Adult ticket is $67.50, and the Premium Kids is $53.50. The premium tickets get you skip-the-line passes, one free coat/bag check item, and one free Harry Potter: Magic at Play tote bag.

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