We decided to add some pop to our master bedroom by adding an accent wall that used some reclaimed barn wood. Here's how we did it.

If you watch any shows on HGTV like we do (and we watch a TON of House Hunters, House Hunters Renovation, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, and Fixer Upper!), then you know that using reclaimed barn wood is hot these days.

We liked the way it looks, so we decided to add an accent wall to our bedroom using just that. (I say 'we,' of course, but the idea and all the credit belongs to my lovely wife, Katie.) But instead of using real reclaimed barn wood, which can be both expensive and a little tough to work with, here's what we did.

We found a laminate flooring design that looks just like reclaimed barn wood, and instead of installing it on the floor, we simply popped it up on our bedroom wall. The pieces lock together, and after cutting them to fit our wall (which my brother-in-law, Tom expertly did for us while I basically held a few panels and watched), we attached them to the wall using a nail gun.

Viola! It turned out great and really warms up the room. (Now, of course-- as is always the case-- we want to paint the room to freshen the rest of it up too.)

Check out the pictures...

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