Sure, a huge snow storm is coming, BUT spring is officially here! Who's ready to tackle some spring cleaning?

Just a second though, before you load up your car to make a trip to your local Savers to donate some of those items, check out this list of what they won't accept!

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It wasn't long ago that I put together an article of the donations Minnesota Goodwill Stores won't accept. I thought for sure Savers would be a little more relaxed with their donation rules, but turns out their "won't accept" list is also pretty long, and some of the stuff might surprise you.

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Fun fact, when you donate to Savers, you get a 20% off coupon to use in the store during your next visit.

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Not to mention, you're also supporting local non-profits by donating:

We're a for-profit company that champions reuse. Shopping in our stores doesn't support any nonprofit, but donating your reusable goods does. We pay nonprofits for your stuff, helping them fund programs in our communities. - Savers

Specifically, in Minnesota, Saver's accepts donations on behalf of Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota, whose mission is to empower Minnesota veterans and their families to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

There are quite a few things that they do accept including, clothing, toys, bedding, and more. But, what items will they decline if you try to donate?

Minnesota Savers Will Decline These 13 Donations

If spring cleaning followed by a donation stop is on your to-list, check this list before heading to Savers. These are the items they will not accept.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

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18 Items That Minnesota Goodwill Stores Will Not Accept

Before you load up your car with donations for Goodwill, check out this detailed list of items that Goodwill stores in Minnesota do not accept.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

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