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There's two things you need to know. First, the MnDOT snowplow naming contest might come around again! Nothing certain yet, but scroll down to hear more about that.

Also, the Minnesota Department of Transportation plows 30,585 miles of state highways and interstates in Minnesota...and they're hiring.

MnDOT Is Hiring Snowplow Operators

Courtesy: MnDOT - D.R. Gonzalez
Nothing's more noble than plowing the roads to help us all get safely to our jobs and school and everything else.

If you can see yourself moving tons of snow with a quick pass, making sure the old retired couple at the stop sign before the bridge aren't covered with snow when you pass, and maybe even doing an emergency run to help an ambulance get thru, this could just be the job for you.

Chatting with MnDOT's Mike Dougherty, he says there's a job that'll probably fit whatever your schedule is. "...there are some full-time jobs that are open across our Southeast region, as well as some part-time temporary positions open too. So it's pretty flexible depending on people's schedule."

Courtesy: MnDOT

When I asked if its a fun job, a good job, he said, "Nothing's more noble than plowing the roads to help us all get safely to our jobs and school and everything else."

If you have a Class B CDL license, just click here (Minnesota's job marketplace), and seach for jobs).

What's the Pay for Plowing Snow

I checked a few listings and it seems like most of the openings start at around $40,000 a year/about $20 per hour. but there were many with higher salaries.

Do You Get to Drive Snowbi-Wan Kenobi?


Mike said's possible. But SWK is but one of MnDOT's 840 snowplows, including reserve trucks that provide backup if a snowplow needs maintenance or is damaged.

Click play to hear the whole conversation!

Where Are MnDOT's Snowplows?


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