Police are saying it might have been...

I'll put it to you this way: it's either a hoax, or serious case of miscommunication on the parts of those involved.


You remember Kenyon's Officer Lee pleading with 16-year-old Audrey Lukes to come home when this was first reported, right?

We also rejoiced when she was found safe and alive - and that's all we knew about her condition.

Go MN News is now reporting that Audrey's whereabouts may have been known by family members at the time.


They explain, "[...] her mother and two of her grandparents are facing charges of falsely reporting a crime, after they allegedly fed police false information stating that they hadn’t seen her despite being in regular contact with her and – at one point – took her for ice cream."

Supposedly, Montgomery Police Sergent Pete Bulger was told by Audrey at one point that she was in the Duluth area, and that her family knew where she was. She even returned home to Montgomery to shower!

Audrey's family has yet to offer an explanation for this. Go MN News says the mother and two grandparents have each been charged with a misdemeanor of falsely reporting a crime.

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