I'm not saying I liked them, but...

By now, most of you know that I'm not a native Minnesotan. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we just simply don't eat them. They really aren't a big deal.


However, I first started hearing about cheese curds the day I moved to Rochester!

I'm finally starting to understand why they are a hit! I had my first order of cheese curds at the Crooked Pint this past weekend and they were AH-MAY-ZING! I loved the melt in your mouth quality, and the little squeaky sound they make when they hit your teeth. I'm told that's when you know they are good!

This leads me to ask: are you, also, a fan of cheese curds? There has been heavy debate in the office over whether or not they are a Minnesota or Wisconsin thing. I'm just going to call them a Midwest thing.

Got any thoughts on that debate?

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