I struggle to wrap gifts. My whole life I have skipped the battle of wrapping paper and scotch tape and just tossed things in re-used gift bags. It saves my sanity, but it always looks horrible.

Not this year, this year I have Minnesota TikTok user Emily Carriveau to help me out.

Emily is a blogger that runs SmallTownMe.com, a site dedicated to Emily sharing her garage sale finds, fashion inspiration, and creative process. She is the kind of person that instantly puts a smile on your face when you see her content, and she is a gift wrapping queen.

Example A: Wrapping a chicken-themed gift in the shape of a chicken:

@emilycarriveau Talk about a cute factor - yes… i found it at @tractorsupply 🐓 #tractorsupplyfinds #holidaygiftideas #giftwrappinghacks #giftwrappingideas #chickenlady ♬ original sound - Emily Carriveau

Example B: Holiday socks and sippers:

@emilycarriveau Affordable holiday gift idea🎄#affordablegiftideas #holidaygifting #christmasgifts #christmaswrapping ♬ original sound - Emily Carriveau

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Example C: Making multiple of the same gift:

@emilycarriveau Affordable holiday gift ideas #holidaygifts #JCPFam #JCPpartner #AllAtJCP #affordablegiftideas ♬ original sound - Emily Carriveau

Example D: How to make a super easy bow and add a topper:

@emilycarriveau #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappingtips #christmaswrappingtips #craftroom #youaskedforit ♬ original sound - Emily Carriveau

Example E: Wrapping oddly shaped things without a box:

@emilycarriveau #giftwrappinghacks #giftwrappingideas #christmaswrappingtips #craftroom #youaskedforit @jcpenney ♬ original sound - Emily Carriveau

This woman is my holiday angel, here to help me navigate gift wrapping this upcoming season. If you need help with your gift-wrapping skills this year, be sure to follow Emily on Tiktok. 

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