The oldest bed and breakfast in Minnesota has been up for sale since August but hasn't had any bites. The owners of the Historical Anderson House Hotel Brian and Rachel Yenter want to step back and spend more time with family. That is why they are trying to sell the hotel in Wabasha. Their goal before someone buys it is to preserve the history of the house and town.

KTTC claims that the couple plans to add a museum to the house. They want to show how the hotel has evolved over the years while showing the history of Wabasha. The house dates back to 1856 and has gone through some changes according to Best Local Web. Hopefully, the museum and changes will add some appeal to the house and someone will buy it. The article claims that the Yenter's have kept the house as historical as they possibly could while adding modern amenities to it. Those include TV's as well as whirlpools in some of the rooms. The article says that they will be open on the weekends through October, but they are considering contracting food in for the remainder of that time.

I did some digging and Best Local Web claims that the listing price for the house is $475,000. That is a lot of money, but to preserve something with that much history, that isn't much. The question is can you really put a price tag on history? I'm hoping someone buys this hidden treasure of Minnesota, so I can go check it out soon!

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