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It used to be known as Silver Creek Road, but this road in northeast Rochester is sporting a new name these days.

Unless you're just using a 'stage name' which isn't your legal name, changing one's name can be a tricky procedure here in Minnesota that usually involves filling out court forms, appearing before a judge, and may also involve notifying third-parties.

But I'm guessing none of those procedures applied to the new name the road that used to be known as Silver Creek Road Northeast is now sporting. Because that stretch of road in northeast Rochester, also known as Olmsted County Road 155, is now known as Energy Parkway Northeast, thanks to a recent decision by the Olmsted County Board.

The ongoing construction project along Collegeview Road helped present the opportunity to make the name change. A post on the Olmsted County Facebook page explained the reasons:

The roadway is split into two segments for vehicle traffic with dead ends on both sides of the road due to the bike trail bridge.

Residents coming from the north to drop off material at the Compost Site, Recycling Center Plus, and Hazardous Waste Facility were confused when Silver Creek Road NE did not provide direct access to the sites.


The construction project is an opportunity to re-brand the road that provides access to the Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility and promotes the future development of the Energy Park on the east side of the road.


However, the post also noted that currently, Google Maps still lists the road by its now-old name of Silver Creek Road. (Which still exists, of course, and is the road that leads into Quarry Hill Park and Nature Center.)


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