The last call has been announced at a Northern Minnesota brewery, which sadly is just another brewery to announce that it is closing in 2022, raising some eyebrows across the craft brewing community. Disgruntled Brewing in Perham announced today that it would be closing for good on May 15th.

The post by the Northern Minnesota Brewery was met with some surprise today by fans of the brewery. Disgruntled Brewing announced that May 15th would be the last day the brewery would be in operation, of course, there will be a farewell beer brewed for fans to take solace in.

Dear Disgruntled Fans, 

This is one of our most gut-wrenching announcements we’ve ever had to make. For the past six years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of craft beer, and worked hard to create a fun family environment where everyone feels welcome. The losses of the past couple of years have taken a toll, and we regret to announce that our last day open will be Sunday, May 15. 

Thank you, grumpy (and happy) fans, for your support over the years! Stop in for a pint before we go and help celebrate the success of our amazing grumpy crew while you can. 

We are working on a special farewell IPA and will have more news to come about one last big party. Until then, the taps will continue to flow, off-sale is still available, and events are still on. Redeem those gift cards before last call.
Reactions from fans of the brewery's announcement were an overall mix of surprise and sadness.
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

My wife and I became fans of the brewery, which opened in early 2016, when we would go up to We Fest in Detroit Lakes, and spend a portion of our days in Perham killing some time before the main acts would take the stage.

I know the recent closing announcements from several Minnesota craft breweries have raised the eyebrows of some people/fans in the craft brewing communities, with some worrying about who is next.

Do you want to keep enjoying neighborhood craft beer? Stop out and grab a pint, you'd be surprised just how much fun area breweries can be, and the people you'll meet inside.

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