It's bound to happen to you or someone you know, ESPECIALLY here in Southern Minnesota! I see them all the time on highway 14. Your odds of hitting a deer or other large animal are 1 in 77 here in Minnesota. That might not seem like a lot but just within Rochester, that means 1,500 deer-related collisions will occur this year.

According to State Farm Insurance's 16th annual deer-vehicle collision study, Minnesota is one of the riskiest places in the country for motorists and these animals. Minnesota came in as the seventh most likely place in the United States for a motor vehicle crash involving a deer.

Do you know what you are doing that might be making it worse? 

1. SLAM the breaks. It's our first reaction to avoid hitting something but could be dangerous with cars close behind you. Brake as quickly as you can but always be aware of your surroundings.

2. SWERVE. This can be an automatic reaction but can pose dangers if you are swerving into oncoming traffic or a steep ditch. Try not to over-correct.

3. Advice, SLOW down. Keep an eye out during peak times like dusk and dawn, ironically the same times our vision is most compromised.

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