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A lot of people have Etsy shops as a side hustle. There are even quite a few Etsy shops based out of Rochester, Minnesota! I was checking out local Etsy shops and I found 4 that are selling some beautiful soaps and bath bombs.


SoooapGood's Etsy shop is so colorful. It looks like they primarily sell fun soaps but they also have bath bombs, body scrubs, and body butter. I'll take one of each please, my bathroom will be so colorful and smell so good!

Below is their Handmade Floral Soap.

Credit: SoooapGood via Etsy


TimeAway mainly sells bath bombs on their Etsy shop. Some even come with characters inside! They also have a bath soak, foot soak, and shower steamers (basically a bath bomb for your shower).

Below is their rose, lavender, sage, and orange bath bomb.

Credit: TimeAway via Etsy


ThistleAndRoseFarm sells goat milk soap and they're all very pretty. Their wild rose-scented soap is a pretty light pink color with some dried rose petals on top. They also have lavender, evergreen forest, and oatmeal & honey scented soaps. On top of the soap they also sell goat milk lotion.

Below is their Goat Milk Soap. The pink one is the wild rose-scented one I mentioned.

Credit: ThistleAndRoseFarm via Etsy


SoggyAuggieSoaps features some fun designs inside the soaps. They're definitely more focused on the fall and holiday season. Their soap scents are pumpkin gingerbread, holiday apple, gingerbread cookies, and holiday memories (they say that one has notes of orange peel, cranberry, cinnamon, cloves, evergreens, and pinecones).

Below is their Holiday Memories Soap.

Credit: SoggyAuggieSoaps via Etsy

All four of these Etsy shops have great looking and what sound to be great smelling soaps and bath bombs. I doubt you can go wrong with any of them.

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