I learned something new today. I learned that we have an actual saltwater lake in our state, and we only have one of them.

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According to  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Salt Lake, which is located about 3 miles away from Marietta, is a 312-acre meandered lake, which means it crosses the borders of states if I'm not mistaken.

Salt Lake is the only body of water in Minnesota that is saltwater and is considered 1/3 as salty as seawater. This lake is located on the western border of Minnesota and attracts birds like Wilson's Phalaropes Avocets, and sometimes nesting colonies of eared Greges, according to the site.

Salt Lake is the only saltwater body of water between the Atlantic Ocean and The Great Salt Lake in Utah, according to roadsideamerica.com

If you are an avid bird watcher, this might be a place you would enjoy visiting, as shore birds stop here on the migratory flight across the midwest There is a small trail right down to the shore so you can actually taste the salty water if you choose, and there is also a nice viewing platform.


Because of the salt water, the ground has high alkaline soil in the area, so you can find grasses here that you might not find in other locations around Minnesota such as glasswort.

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