Lake City, MN (KROC-AM News) - The ice covering Lake Pepin actually grew thicker in some areas over the past week.

A team from the US Army Corps of Engineers ventured out onto the lake Wednesday morning to conduct another round of measurements and found the ice was about the same or thicker in most areas. The thickest ice remains in an area about halfway between Lake City and Red Wing where it was measured at 25 inches, which is up an inch when compared to the measurements conducted a week ago.

The ice just south of Lake City, which is normally where the thickest ice is found, remains 23 inches thick just over a week away from the average date for the start of the shipping season on the Upper Mississippi River. The measurements did show the ice is becoming slushier in the north half of Lake Pepin but it remains very solid for several miles south of Lake City.

If needed, another round of measurements will be taken next Wednesday.

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