We've talked about this Minnesota restaurant before and now they're officially the number one best new restaurant in the entire country! They're located in Minneapolis and now I definitely need to make a trip up to the cities to check them out since they just won this prestigious James Beard Award.

The James Beard Awards were on Monday, June 13th. All sorts of awards were given out to restaurants and chefs across the country. Some are in the midwest like Outstanding Pastry Chef winner Warda Bouguettaya, chef at Warda Pâtisserie in Detroit. The Best Chef in the Midwest Award was given to Dane Baldwin, chef at The Diplomat in Milwaukee. Also, Erick Williams, chef for Virtue Restaurant and Bar in Chicago won the Best Chef Award for the great lakes area (IL, IN, MI, OH).

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James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant

Last but certainly not least of the midwest winners is the restaurant Owamni out of Minneapolis! They won the award for Best New Restaurant in the entire country. That's super impressive. The Star Tribune writes, "[t]his award marks the first competitive win in a national category for a Minnesota restaurant."

In case you aren't familiar with Owamni, they just recently opened in July of 2021. Their food is centered around Native American foods and the restaurant is run by Native Americans as well, including head chef, Chef Sean Sherman.

I'm sure their reservation list is a million miles long at this point but I'm definitely looking forward to checking out Owamni sometime! Keep scrolling for some other amazing Minnesota restaurants that have been featured on the Food Network.

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