Growing up, my mom always told me she could see me as a professional athlete or working in the country music world. Little did I know... moms are always right! :) I look at what I do every day and think... wow I get paid to stalk country artist Twitter pages and play your favorite song all day, every day? How did I land such a cool job? So I am going out on a limb here with eight predictions that may or may not happen this year in the "Country Music World" and we will just have to see what happens.

8. Three new artists will come into the country world with a bang. We had quite a few artists make their presence known with singles that topped charts for weeks. I have a feeling that three is a good number for 2020!

7. This is going out on a limb... I think Thomas Rhett is going to put out a Country Christmas Album this year. He said in an interview that he loves Christmas music and would love to write an original Christmas song that is around for generations to come.

6. Luke Bryan... I know something big is going to happen for him, but I have no idea what. So I'm just going to say his jeans are going to get looser and we are going to see another big successful album from him.  

5. The Dixie Chicks make a comeback in a big epic way. This 90's band has been flirting with the idea of making a comeback for years. Now they have the 2020 tour.. the sky is the limit for what is going to happen. New album? Collaboration? I'm not sure.

4. Everyone went wild about Luke Combs Crocs back in 2019! They sold-out so quickly I think that there is going to be a 2020 version and I'm going to get my hands on a pair. I think they are going to look similar to the ones he put out this past year with a few more luxuries.

3. This is just wishful thinking on my part! I have a gut feeling Garth Brooks is going to bring his Dive Bar Tour to Minnesota and close to us. I'm not sure were, but I'm hoping that this really happens.

2. There are a lot of powerful women in the country music world and I think one of them is going to take over the CMA awards. My prediction... Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris or Carly Pearce will step up to the plate and host the CMA Awards. 

1. Going along with the CMA prediction... I think Carrie Underwood is going to have another baby this year. If you paid close attention to the CMA awards, in some of her outfits it looked like she had a baby bump. If you do the math, which I had Curit St. John help me with, ;) she would be due around the CMA awards this year. So is that the reason she is stepping down?!?!

These are some bold predictions and we will have to see how much I know later this year!

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