As as employee, have you ever thought "if I could get paid in pizza, that would be amazing!"? Now, I love pizza just as much as the next person. Maybe even more so, than said person, but would I trade that for cash? Turns out, someone decided to look into that very topic!

Students Eat Lunch In The School Cafeteria
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Author, and psychology professor, Dan Ariely believes pizza can improve people's work performances. He conducted a study among factory workers. They were offered free pizza, cash bonuses and compliments if they hit their goals. He found some interesting results! Which reward proved most inspiring? Well....

The productivity of the pizza workers rose by 6.7%! More so than for compliments, or cash. Those who received a cash bonus increased their productivity by 4.9%, and the complement group increased their productivity by 6.6%. It's safe to say, pizza may have been the motivation behind such an increase in productivity.

Which would you rather have? Pizza, cash, or a compliment? They're all nice to have - but I think I'd stick with the cash!

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