Almost everyone at one time or another has seen the iconic Oscar Myer Weinermobile as it has cruised through the Twin Ports, but did you know their is also a NUTmobile? Yes it's true and it is just as gigantic.

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According to Planters:

If chosen to operate the iconic vehicle, Planters will provide training on how to drive and park the 13,000 pound NUTmobile in addition to the company’s social media requirements, since drivers are responsible for capturing moments to share on Twitter and Instagram.

Some of the requirements to apply are recent college graduates  with a valid drivers license, and communication degree. Nine "Peanutters" in all will be hired for a full time assignment which will last all year long.  Of course you will need to know all things Planters Peanut related when you interact with fans on the road, but thankfully you will be very prepared with a peanut prep lesson. Click Here for more information.



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