Big hugs to 2nd Street Flag Waving Joe in Rochester, Minnesota!  An update on how he is feeling was just posted on his Facebook page and he could use some more virtual hugs.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Here's why 2nd Street Joe in Rochester, Minnesota might not be out waving flags.

Just a few weeks ago, the entire Rochester community was saddened when we heard that 2nd Street Flag Waving Joe was not feeling great.  He was missing from his usual spot on 2nd Street and tons of "get well soon!" messages were being written for Joe on his Facebook page.

The Dr. did say that being out and waving was good medicine for Joe and so with a walker, he was on a mission to once again bring smiles to all of us as we were driving in downtown Rochester.

Another update was just provided on Joe's Facebook page and he could once again use some more get well wishes and love!

Joe found out today he has a unique, rare and complicated form of dizziness. He'll be seeing a specialist and beginning therapy this spring.
In the meantime, he will do his best to get out to wave once in awhile. He is very fatigued and unsteady, so appearances will be infrequent and limited. This breaks his heart, but knowing he has your support warms it. He misses you and sends much love. 💓💓💓 - Second Street Waving Guy - Joe Johnson Facebook page.

@thewavinglunatic on TikTok
@thewavinglunatic on TikTok

You know 2nd Street Joe is on TikTok, right?!

I love Joe's attitude and how he is motivating us all to get working hard and smiling, even hen he doesn't feel good.  Check out Joe's latest TikTok video below and give it a heart!  (And every time I play 'Eye of the Tiger' I'm going to always think of Joe now.)

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Shoutouts for Joe on the Radio this Friday!

Because Joe is so special to so many of us in Rochester, I'm setting aside some time on Friday during my show on Y-105FM for your "get well soon!" wishes.  If you'd like to have yours included, send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - and I'll send you more info.

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