The guy that gives us all a smile every day in Rochester, Minnesota now needs us to return the favor.  Second Street Flag Waving Joe, who is usually standing, dancing, and waving flags on 2nd Street SW, was diagnosed with a rare and unique form of dizziness.  While he isn't able to be out waving on a consistent basis and is seeking medical help, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with his expenses.

TikTok @thewavinglunatic
TikTok @thewavinglunatic

GoFundMe page set up for Second Street Flag Waving Joe in Rochester, Minnesota

The guy that has been waving flags and bringing smiles to our faces for years in Rochester, Minnesota now needs some cheering up of his own.  If you missed the news a few weeks ago, Second Street Joe, as some people call him, is suffering from a rare form of dizziness right now.  

Well wishes, "get well soon" notes, even visits to cheer Joe up have been happening and now, a GoFundMe page as well.

We all know and love your buddy, Joe Johnson, "The Second Street Waving Guy," who spends his time showing his love for people and trying to bring smiles to the faces of everyone driving by on Second St. SW. Joe feels this is his life purpose and takes great pride in what he does. And he does it rain or shine and sometimes for hours and hours on end. We've even seen him out in freezing temps while wearing nothing but shorts and bare chested! And we love it!

Well, Joe is currently suffering from a unique, rare, brain-based form of dizziness, which has made it nearly impossible to get out and do his things, although he continues to try along with the help of walker to help keep him on his feet. He is very fatigued and unsteady, so appearances in the near future will likely be infrequent and limited. So we figured what better way to show Joe how much we appreciate what he does than to start a GoFundMe page to raise money, which will go to help get him through this difficult time. Just imagine how much we could raise if even half of his 12,000 Facebook fans chipped-in $10-$20! That would be $60,000-120,000.00, which would be life-changing money for Joe! So we set an arbitrary goal of $10k, just to see what happens. If we get there quickly we can raise it!

Whether you donate or not please keep Joe in your prayers. He's going through a tough time right now and feels terrible he can't be out there waving and flying his flags. - Let's help our buddy, Joe! GoFundMe page

How to donate to help out 2nd Street Flag Waving Joe in Rochester, Minnesota

The goal on the GoFundMe page is $10,000 and in just 4 days, $3,050 has already been donated to help out Joe in Rochester.  If you'd like to add to that, you can learn more at the GoFundMe link here.

A note on the GoFundMe page indicates that all of the money donated will be going to Joe in monthly installments over the next 12 months.

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