What would you do if you spotted an actor out shopping? Would you go up and say something or would you let them be? I think I'd leave them alone because I wouldn't want to make them feel uncomfortable, plus I wouldn't know what to say! Employees at some vintage shops in Minneapolis, Minnesota did the same thing for a thankful actor while he was in town on Sunday.

As you probably have seen, there's a movie being filmed in the Jordan, Minnesota area right now. The movie is called 'Marmalade' which is being produced by Signature Films. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie:

From his prison cell, small town simpleton Baron tells a tale to his cellmate Otis about his rebellious girlfriend Marmalade, including a bank heist they committed together. After learning of the stolen cash, Otis agrees to help plan an escape to reunite Baron with his true love. Little does anyone know the master puppeteering at work manipulating them all.

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One of the main actors in the movie is none other than 'Stranger Things' star Joe Keery! For those that don't know, he's Steve Harrington in 'Stranger Things'. And they must have taken a break from filming on Sunday because he was spotted shopping at vintage shops in Minneapolis.

One of the shops he stopped at was Rewind Vintage. If anyone knew who he was they decided to let him just shop like a normal person. One of the employees ran out after he had made his purchase to sneak a picture with him. In their Instagram post, they said that he was grateful they didn't blow his cover while in the store. Another vintage store in Minneapolis, Time Bomb Vintage, commented that he stopped there as well!

So it sounds like Joe is a vintage kind of guy, I love it! Also props to the employees at Rewind Vintage for being discreet while he was shopping. I'm sure he gets his cover blown all the time and just wants to shop like a normal person every once in a while.

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