Isn't technology great? Now you can have your phone or mobile device write the story of your life for you!


It's all thanks to the predictive text feature we all have on our phone-- sometimes known as the 'auto-correct' feature. Predictive text is the feature that suggests words when you're texting someone or using your phone to post an update to your socials. It's supposed to be helpful, but most times, it seems like I spend more time correcting the auto-correct. (That MAY be operator error, though...)

Well, to get your phone to write your own biography, all you have to do is type the phrase, "I was born..." and then let the predictive text do the rest. Now, theoretically, the predictive text feature suggests words you tend to use often or have used recently, so the thinking is that it'll give you a somewhat accurate bio that's unique to you.

Well, that's the theory, anyway. Some of them I've read on Twitter have been kind of interesting. I've tried it a few times, and, of course, it's different every time. Some have been kind of interesting-- like this one my iPhone 6 just wrote for me:

"I was born to be a great dad to my best friends in my head, he is a great guy..."

Others, though, don't make a whole lot of sense at all (not that the one above did, mind you.) Check out how I did in this video:


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