It's almost as iconic as the red bullseye, but is Target really set to get rid of the red-and-khaki look its team members wear?

There are just some things you can count on here in Minnesota-- it's gonna be cold and snowy in the winter, there's going to be somebody who's driving too slowly while merging onto Highway-52, and the classic red shirts and khaki pants that Target employees wear, right?

Well, not anymore. That's because, according to this KARE 11 story, Minnesota's own Target has changed its corporate dress code and has given the go-ahead for team members to get rid of the khaki pants and instead wear-- gasp-- jeans!

Target's Chief Stores Officer, Janna Potts, made that announcement late last week, on her Twitter page-- in addition to announcing that Target notched a 5.7% increase during the holiday season last year.

"Hey Stores, thank you for a great year! I’m incredibly thankful to be part of such an amazing team. Making the call now. You did it - khaki or denim - your choice. Congratulations," her post said.

So while that doesn't mean you won't still see a few red-and-khaki combos, I'm guessing we'll all be seeing way fewer of them-- and way more jeans-- the next time you make a Target run. What's next? Will the Vikings get rid of their familiar purple and gold and replacing one of those colors with jeans? (Kidding...)

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