Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is set to give his 2018 State of the State address tonight, but do you remember last year when the Governor fainted and collapsed while giving the same speech?

It was actually over a year ago when the scary event happened-- it actually took happened on January 23rd, 2017, while Dayton was addressing the Legislature during his annual address. (If I remember reading correctly, the Governor gets to choose the date they make their annual address, which explains why it's not the same date as last year.)

The video below shows him drinking some water, slurring his speech, and then, boom, down he goes. Scary stuff. It was right after that episode that the Governor made his way down here to Rochester for a quick health check-up at Mayo Clinic (and was soon diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he successfully beat, thanks to the team here at Mayo.).

Have you ever fainted? I never had, until a few years ago. I had just had hernia surgery a few hours earlier, and my wife and I were making our way out of St. Marys. I remember that I suddenly started sweating profusely, everything turned grey, I slurred a few words about how I was OK, and, boom, I was out too. (I apparently hadn't had enough water after the procedure, so after they gave me some fluids in the ER, I was good to go.)

Either way, though, neither of those two fainting experiences looked like how fainting is portrayed in the movies. (Gee, go figure-- movies aren't real?!?). And, if you're curious, Gov. Dayton will give his final State of the State address tonight at 7.

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