Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - What a difference a year makes. Do you remember this picture from a year ago in downtown Rochester?

In fact, there were 40-degree temperatures during the final three days of February last year. There wasn’t a whole lot of snow, either - at least compared to what we’re going through this year. The highest daily total from Feb. 2018 was 2 inches. The monthly total was 9.5 inches - less than what the city received last Saturday.

Rochester’s official snow total this month is a record 39.7 inches, less than 2 inches from the snowiest month on record (Dec 2010 - 41.3). The snow fell on 10 different days between Feb. 5 - 24.

And this snow won’t be any going anywhere any time soon as cold weather is expected to persist into next week.

The average high temperature in Rochester this time of the year is 32 degrees. Highs this week will only be in the teens and single digits are expected this coming weekend with overnight lows dropping below zero. Sounds like March will be coming in like a polar bear, not a lion.

Rochester Public Schools added another snow day to its list on Monday. Because of the large number of missed days so far this winter, there is some concern this will have an impact on the remaining schedule. But RPS Superintendent Michael Munoz says at this point he “is not planning to make-up any of the instructional hours that have not occurred as a result of snow days. “ Munoz says the district adds “additional instructional hours to our annual school calendar above and beyond what is required by State Statute.”

RPS spokeswoman Heather Nessler says there have been nine snow days so far, the most the district has observed in several years.

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